New tourist board



Key area


Knowledge-based region
Challenges brought by a knowledge-based society are equal for all partners of the CENTROPE region

Human capital
Education, enhancement of qualification, and creativity are the main sources for the future prosperity and competitiveness in the globalized world.

Territorial integration
Joint connection and intergrowth necessarily includes cross-border relations, too.

Culture and tourism
Cultural exchange and tourism as well as cooperation within cultural networks particularly represent proper methods of how to bring people living in this region together.




Message of Aristocratic Families in Central Europe

The project will promote and link together the stately homes of the noble families Esterhazy, Liechtenstein and Palffy

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Cycling in the Centrope region

The project is intended to prepare the project implementation documentation of the Eurovelo 13 cycling route

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Vineyard cycling route

Improvement of the quality of the cycling tourist and cycling transport infrastructure in the Slovak territory of the Centrope region

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Central Europe